Saturday, September 22, 2012

manusia kreatif II


test HBU kokorikulum dah habis!!!!!!!

i swear this is my last day to wear this striking orange JPAM shirt..
i really hate love this euww beautiful shirt ever~

so,, to release my tension and relaxing my kpale hotak,,
i want to share something about some awesome pictures that i get from everywhere [Google].

for this time,, most of the pics are about space saving.. :)


 table chair

 open-close bed, table and kitchen

 box of chair

 menggunakan sepenuhnya ruangan rumah yg ada..

 slalu bgon pg ngantok2 tu,, kadang2 nak bukak ubat gigi pon hang maleh an? [bukan aku]
so, nie sgt membantu..


 i bet the essence was orange-smell ;D

underworld car experience 

 mmg sesuai sgt lah lukis bende nie kt pintu umah bg mereka2 yg PELUPA cm cheq ni haa..

 i really loved this table lamp <3 <3

 untuk anak aku nanti, aku buat cmnie.. save sket space blik..haha

that's all dear..

have a nice weekend and enjoy anything that you do..
so u will not fell regret by doing that.. :)
[cth: tdo,, nikmati tdo ptg anda, wlaupon lme anda xkn menyesal..bhahaha *like a boss*]

tata, titi, tutu..

thx for reading <3

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