Sunday, September 3, 2017

Hi, there!

Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 
In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate

Hi there, its been awhile I did not write here. life does not get so busy but it just a priority issue. I do not have any interest in writing on blog since I got  new social media account that I always spending almost 1/3 of my time there. however, I am a person who easily get bored by  a thing for a very short period, so after almost 1 year I left this blog and hanging on Instagram, I am realized that thing got nothing interesting unless killer for my time everyday (and my Internet Data). I do loved writing so much back there, but that not worked in Instagram since I could not write so many things in there that I thought it might annoyed someone whose like me (I am too lazy to read a long caption but I had high curiosity level and it FORCE me to read it anyway and I hate it!). To be honest I did had a Twitter, the place where people talk anything they want and retweet anything they think it suppose to. I once tried it too, I used to waste my time there just like I did for Instagram now, I'm tweeting every second and everything I want. Unfortunately, I'm not a very expressive person that always release their happiness yet anger in twitter by writing almost everything happen in their life there. One day I realize, there are nothing fun to be in there, so now I'm using Twitter as my news teller and my Instagram as my current social media where I post and delete picture as I wish. Wait a minute, I had Facebook too, yes that was so exciting at first, I uploaded pictures almost everyday! that seems like nonsense now, after I'm fully "utilized" Facebook I started to get bored and now there is no reason to post anything there too. to the depth thought, I hold on into Facebook because everyone are there, my friends, family and there has something that I needed such as information and news about anyone that I interested (maybe) or should I deactivate it already? . . .  .I felt so entertained back there when my pics got so many likes, people reacting on my status and I do had instant messaging (IM) with anyone who Hi me. lol. (some of them ask to meet somewhere and I said ok and we meet up, it so grateful that he was a nice guy). I called it culture shock, hahahaha, me is so naive and simply trusted anyone that approached me nicely (maybe I should write about my "love" story too? hmm I will think about it). why I said culture shock? yes because I am too exposed to the "new world" after school, entering college, got new friends, away from family, got internet, and social media, so I used it "wisely"  I guess. That is the reasons why I created almost every single social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Blog,, Keek, Instagram and (I think that is all). I'm slowly deactivated some of them to realize how mature I become now. puahahahahaha. I can't stop laughing and smiling everytime my memories about my past time passed by now.  So, that is why I come back to blog since I left no feeling on other social media, I will start over my abandoned  blog and keeping more memories and telling all my stories here.

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