Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Nothing II


continued from entry Nothing .......

27 March 2013

already 1 year and 19 days after his operation.
he said that his leg hurt again.
this is not the first time he feel that.
a few month ago, he's said his leg hurt cause too much walking..
this evening, dia pegi main futsal ! 
I always said not to play football ! Futsal or what so ever lah!
anything, anything about sport that him need to use his leg!

he's sooooo stubborn ...hmm..
I know I'm not his mom to scold him like a stupid innocently child.
he's know how important leg for him.. he need its !
why he's never think about it.. or its me that over think?

I'm lose my control when on the phone with him..
too worried, too scared..too mad!
[what I feel actually]

"menyesal x pegi main futsal td?"

"nak main lg"

"tell ur mom or I'll tell her by myself"

that's what I said to him..
he's just said he regret and don't want to play it again..
he ask me not to mad at him..

"marah tanda sayang"

that all I want him to know.
I really really really hope that he can fully use his legs without had any side effects. 

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