Thursday, January 14, 2016


Bismillah ir-Rahman ir-Rahim 
In the name of Allah, most Gracious, most Compassionate

almost a month ago 2015 left me. too much blessing last year 
I don't want to forget so let me paste all the memories here :)

every year must be started with my birthday.haha. 


ok, Mr AA surprised me when he was suddenly in front of my
 house and brought me Kinder Bueno also asked me out for a while. 
we lunch at some cafe and he gave me a second surprise 
which a little cute muffin with candle and sang me birthday song. 
I am more than happy that day, we continued the day with some 
sport game and see view from the top of the building till late afternoon.

after arrived home, my family celebrating my birthday with beautiful blue cake. I am so contented to have so much lovely people around me. 
I repay Mr AA surprise when I came to his place and treat him with his favorite brownies with ice cream at special cafe in Melaka. after that we ate "aiskrim pasu" which was so popular at that
andddd we wasting our time at Padang Pasir Pantai Klebang. 


another surprise of the year by my family, they came to Terengganu. too sweet till I almost get diabetes mellitus. lol


my sister engagement. so much fun helping her! 


Pulau Kapas with roomate :)
he came to Terengganu to make a fast vacay maybe. went to Pulau Kapas (AGAIN), Air Terjun Sekayu and Pantai Teluk Bidara. 


I came to Johor. went to Kilang Bateri, eat Kacang Pool for the first time, taste chicken chop at Hutan Bandar. the cheapest chicken chop I ever ate. and Bazar Karat visit of course. 

My sister weds. wehuuuuuuu ~


so much pressure, stress ! arghhh final examination strike!

ok that is all. I do love 2015. hoping for something better in 2016. 
assalamualaikum :)

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